Forever & Ever Events on 100 LAYER CAKE!

We’ve been featured on 100 Layer Cake!  More details about the feature and the team involved to come soon, but in meantime, check out all the gorgeousness from Bloomsbury by clicking HERE.


Forever Dog is at it again! New series: Sammys friends

Due to popular demand for more blogging of the Forever & Ever mascot, Samson, I’m starting a new series called “Sammy’s friends”! :)  This first instalment is fresh from our recent jaunts in the park, where Forever Dog Samson catches up on some hot doggity gossip with his pals.

Sticks & stones will break my bones… er, not really for these guys…

He loves groups – both people and dogs.

Some of Sammy’s pals.

He met a bigger friend and was a bit apprehensive at first…

Hope everybody had as nice an Easter as Forever Dog Samson did.  More of “Sammy’s Friends” to come soon!


A very Altar-ed Sneaky Peeky

Hello!Lucky (together with graphic designer extraordinaire and my partner in crime Alexis of OMG I’m Getting Married) designed these crazy cute “beauty notepads” for all of the guests at the Altar-ed Vintage Bridal Tea Party this Wednesday, 20th April, at Dartmouth House.

We have a handful of last minute tickets still available, but tickets must be purchased in advance (no ticket sales at the door – sorry!), so email for yours now!

Each guest can write down their beauty notes as they have their one-on-one vintage makeovers!

There will also be some Hello!Lucky magic in the goodie bags that each guest will take away at the end of the event – plus some extra special vouchers from the Altar-ed collaborating businesses, which guests can use as they continue to plan their weddings and events.  Looking forward to welcoming all of you in just a couple of days!

For more information on this event, visit Altar-ed at


Forever & Ever loves Super 8mm film: check out this one by Mark W Brown!

I’m not shy about expressing how much I hate cheesy wedding videography.  The kind that has slurpy, sappy music and terrible lighting – you know, those ones that make you cringe, not smile?

I do, however, love Super 8mm film.  As many of you know, I have been searching high and low for good filmmakers in the UK who shoot on Super 8.  And ones that are done with style.

Thankfully, we’ve got a Super 8mm filmmaker in the UK who also happens to have experience working with the amazing videographer Joel Serrato in California.  Mark Brown is based in London and travels throughout Europe and the UK filming weddings on Super 8mm film.  Check out this video (you will now reconsider any old prejudices you had towards wedding videography, trust me!):

You can see more of his work on his website:

Dining at Le Gavroche for my birthday and meeting Michel Roux Jr.

I have always been a huge fan of Masterchef: Professional.  Love watching Greg Wallace and Michel Roux Jr.’s reactions when they see cooks deboning a fish incorrectly, and when they walk around inspecting the cooking and wonder – out loud – why the chef is adding saffron, why the chef chose a dessert that might not set properly, why the chef chose so many ingredients, etc etc!  And ever since I saw Michel Roux’s wonderful documentary “Service”, where I saw so much pride in running a restaurant, my fandom was properly sealed.  I have been wanting to dine at Le Gavroche ever since.  And dropping not too subtle hints.

So, naturally, for my birthday, Forever Husband booked us a reservation!  (You really have to marvel at the thoughtfulness, right?!?)

So you can imagine how excited I was to try the food.  Nothing prepared me for what was to come, though.  It was beyond any gastronomical, culinary experience I’ve ever had (and being a piggy, I’ve dined at a fair share of nice restaurants in New York, Paris and London – what can I say, I love food!).  It had everything: style, grace, attention to detail… and the most delicious meal we have ever tasted.

As a wedding planner, I am always looking at the details: the napkins, the cutlery, the ribbons, the props, the list goes on and on.  Much to my details-obsessed delight, Le Gavroche had the most delightful details all over the restaurant: illustrations of the character Gavroche from Victor Hugo’s Les Miserables were everywhere – from the coasters to the cocktail napkins to the customized cutlery!  I couldn’t get enough!!

How cute-as-hell are the Gavroche cutlery?!

And then OMG the food.  What I loved from the get-go was how unpretentious the food was – how it wasn’t trying to be the latest trend.  It was just delicious food, and that’s all it set out to be.  Oh, and I love big portions.  You know how so many Michelin starred restaurants give you a tiny thimble of food in the middle of an enormous platter and tell you that’s your dinner?  Michel Roux doesn’t joke around.  They gave us HUGE portions.  After the amuse bouche, I had their famous cheese souffle and nearly licked the plate dry.

Usually when I order lobster off a menu, I get maybe the very end of the tail, or about 4 bites of lobster floating in a sauce that masks how little lobster there is on the plate.  Michel Roux gave me an entire lobster.  And of course I ate the whole thing.

We didn’t stop there.  There was a cheese trolley floating around with our name on it.

My culinary experience wasn’t complete without an assortment of the chef’s favorite desserts on a plate wishing me happy birthday!

And then, look who actually came out of the kitchen, paid rounds to his patrons in the restaurant, and wished me a happy birthday – in person?!

The man himself!  I actually couldn’t believe it.  Something tells me you won’t find Gordon Ramsay actually cooking and overseeing the kitchen in his restaurants.  There is something so familial about Le Gavroche – maybe it’s the fact that it was started by his father and uncle and passed down to him, so he wants to keep it thriving, and actually cares deeply about running the restaurant and kitchen himself, despite all the commercial obligations and television shows.  I absolutely loved that.  I would’ve been chuffed to bits had Monica Galetti been overseeing my food, but I’ll gladly take Michel!  :-)

I don’t think I have ever had such delicious food, wait service, and overall culinary experience before.  The maitre d’, the general manager and the sommelier were so hands-on throughout the entire evening.  The wine went perfectly with everything we ate.  The whole experience was truly special.  I am so thankful that Forever Husband took me here – best. birthday. dinner. ever.

Le Gavroche is located on Upper Brook Street in Mayfair, London.  Highly highly recommend that you take your honeybunny here for a romantic meal.

Incidentally, I am now on a diet. ;-)


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