Forever & Ever Events featured in Martha Stewart Weddings

It would be an understatement to say that I have been bursting at the seams with excitement to share this incredible wedding with you all. But I have had to patiently wait for several months for the feature to go live… Thankfully, just in time for the holidays, the wait is now over – and you can feast on what was one of my proudest achievements of this year: my client Lisa & Rory’s wedding!

I cannot begin to describe how honored I am to have my work appreciated and featured in Martha Stewart Weddings Brides Guide and Real Weddings. And this wedding was such a labor of love. There was so much attention to detail. I truly believe that all the little touches really delight guests – and this wedding seriously had perfect little details everywhere you turned. The bride was so excited about telling their story in the wedding! From the outset, we shared countless moodboards and countless emails and chats about the little touches that went into the day. Sometimes it wasn’t easy sourcing these items from the UK (or the Middle East, where the couple reside) – and the search was always for tasteful items that capture the mood and spirit perfectly. No easy task, but we did it!

Over the course of a year, the bride (who is a designer with impeccable taste) and I worked closely together in planning a super quirky “Town & Country” wedding in Hurley, Berkshire. The “Town & Country” theme was effortlessly tasteful – the bride’s side was “Town” and the groom’s side was “Country” – and as you can see in their wedding day attire, this style was captured perfectly.

There was a lot of work involved in negotiating the usage of the venue space for this complex wedding build, since the historic Tithe Barn was used for the ceremony, wedding breakfast and evening reception – so, yes, that meant 3 full changeovers, each with very specific design elements and lay-out.

This was perhaps the awesomest wedding party ever! The bride had each of the men’s suits tailor made in Dubai and the girls’ yellow gowns were also handmade in Dubai by a local seamstress – hellooooo, fashion-plates!

One of my essentials in wedding planning is making the space “your own”. Sometimes venues in the UK aren’t used to the extra design work involved and doing things outside the box, but luckily for us, we worked with the venue to create a truly magical and rustic-chic setting for each part of the day. I absolutely loved setting up the drinks station for the cocktail hour – it looked so amazing!

All of the letterpress stationery from Hello!Lucky‘s San Francisco office was beautifully executed (you can see their behind-the-scenes photos of the print making process here), from the choice of cardstock to the super cute labels they created for the booklets and pencil jars that we set on each table at the reception.

Not only did we have Hello!Lucky’s San Francisco office, but we also worked with Hello!Lucky’s London office to create a bespoke canvas banner for the seating plan – it was definitely a show stopper and I know that my clients are going to reuse it in their home!

I absolutely love bringing together a fantastic team of professionals for a wedding – and this one was ALL-STAR. I loved working with Chantal Flores Design, who did a spectacular job – as always – on the flowers for the day. She really pushed herself to the limit, even running out for a new ladder when there was an issue with an existing one. By the way, that’s my handwriting on the chalkboard (in fact, I hand-wrote all the signage for the wedding weekend on chalkboards and garden signs – I was actually really surprised by my penmanship!)

The bride also just loved the idea of making her wedding completely reflective of who they were and really went to town (no pun intended) in scouring eBay for all the little figurines for each table and matching the figurines to the table names, each named after a quintessential British pub.

My favorite was the evening party – after dinner, we turned the Tithe Barn around for the third time, moving all the furniture out and bringing in beer barrels to act as cocktail tables and hay bales to create a lounge area for guests, while others danced up a storm on the dance floor. Who knew also that hay bales would be so difficult to source in the UK this year?! (apparently, there was hay shortage in 2010!), but I found the loveliest farmer in the English countryside who was a little surprised to get a request for hay bales for a wedding, to say the least!

By the way, this wedding was a 3-day extravaganza, packed full of events starting with a river picnic, barbecue welcome party and closing with a send-off lunch under a marquee. I will blog about all these other wedding events in due course, but here is a little taster for now…

Scenes from the river picnic…

Scenes from the barbecue…

Scenes from the send-off brunch…

There was one other professional who, as me, was present for the entire 3-day extravaganza and that is the super talented artist whose photography you admire in the feature – Chloe Browne of Caught the Light. I always love working with Chloe and she did an amazing job covering the 3 events that weekend. Plus, it’s always so fabulous to work with a colleague who is also your friend! She also dropped by after the wedding with the sweetest bouquet of flowers and a super cute thank you card to express her appreciation for my work on this wedding and taking care of all the creative professionals involved. Her card was so sweet that I have to share it here!:

Dearest Mary, Thank you so much for all of your hard work, positivity and enthusiasm over the weekend. You are an absolute pro and I could see that you worked so hard over each of the three days, taking great pride in pulling it all together. Have a great rest of the season and thank you again for being such a pleasure to work with. Heart, Chloe x

How incredibly sweet is Chloe?! And obviously all photos in this post are by Caught the Light.

And today, I had the most pleasant start to a morning ever – my awesome client Lisa wrote up a glowing blog post on their personal blog about me!

Yup, that’s me sporting a hat for the “Town & Country” look! I look a little haggard, especially next to the gorgeous bride, but nevermind that. How cute is this post?! It really means so much to me that they would blog about me for all their friends and family to see. Amazing – and the perfect gift at the end of an incredible year right before the holidays. :)

Please share some love for my amazing clients Lisa & Rory and CHECK OUT THEIR FEATURE ON MARTHA STEWART WEDDINGS!

MLH xx

I always say that the reason weddings such as this one are so amazing is because of the professionals behind the scenes. Big big thanks to my all-star team!

WEDDING PLANNER: Mary Lee Herrington of Forever & Ever Events
PHOTOGRAPHER: Chloé Browne of Caught the Light Photography
VENUE: The Olde Bell
FLORIST: Chantal Flores Design
GOWN: Britta Kjerkegaard of The Couture Gallery
SHOES: Christian Louboutin
HAY BALES: Holdshott Farm Shop
MUSIC: New Hot Cross Band, represented by Sternberg Clarke
CEREMONY SINGER: Sara Al-Qaiwani, bridesmaid
PHOTO BOOTH: Say Fromage
MAKEUP/HAIR: Kaz Fernando
CHEESE CAKE TOWER: Tastes Delicatessen
LIGHTING/DJ: Gosh Management


The 411 on our recent 100 Layer Cake feature!

It was such an honor to be featured on 100 Layer Cake in their special all-things-British lead-up to the Royal Wedding!

Photographer and pal Aneta Mak and I have been cooking up something special for later this summer {she happens to be a bride, that’s all I’m gonna say} ;), but we also wanted to do something creative together that celebrated understated style, elegance and a bit of quirk.  As the planner and stylist, I felt it was important to showcase the details of the fashion, florals, and location, rather than bombard with too many props (as an aside, sometimes an overload of props in photos kind of detracts from the overall look, and sometimes props don’t really make sense in a portrait.  I tell my clients all the time that props are fantastic, but consider the big picture and don’t overwhelm the eyes with too much going on!).

Aneta and I loved the idea of showcasing Bloomsbury because, as well as history, it has so many hidden gems – the literary side, loads of squares and gardens, and little quirks like Bloomsbury Lanes.  So I planned this as a two-parter: understated elegance in the gorgeous outdoors; and fun/offbeat at the bowling lanes.  The latter was a perfect fit for Rock N’ Roll Bride and she featured it HERE.  I’ll blog more about the Rock N’ Roll Bride feature later (one thing at a time, please!).

Go check out Aneta’s blog post on our 100 Layer Cake feature HERE.

And of course I MUST thank the incredibly talented team of the BEST of the BEST in the wedding world who make me feel so humbled to work alongside them:

Delphine Manivet, designer

♥ Edwina Ibbotson, milliner

♥ Amy Brandon of Claire Hanson Makeup & Hair Team

Chantal Flores Design

And for the second part of this inspiration shoot that was featured on Rock N’ Roll Bride, there was also the collaboration of House of Sugalily and Dear Darling Calligraphy.

Here are a few more shots of the day to complement the set that 100 Layer Cake featured:

Photo by Aneta Mak Photography

Photo by Aneta Mak Photography

Photo by Aneta Mak Photography
Photo by Aneta Mak Photography
Photo by Aneta Mak Photography
Photo by Aneta Mak Photography

Thanks to Jillian in particular at 100 Layer Cake for featuring our work!  And of course to Aneta for her beautifully timeless photography.


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